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Avin Electronics, Dean Road,
Yate, BS37 5NH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1454 323700
Fax: +44 (0)1454 323707


The success of our customers is always at the heart of AVIN’s farsighted management. Our customer’s success is AVIN’s success and proves the value of the product and potential at AVIN to meet the needs of the industry.

The following case studies provide a reference point for prospective customers to determine some of the ways AVIN can support their business operations. At AVIN we put a high premium on understanding what our customers want so that we can excel at achieving the desired result to the highest standard.


Auto Lid.

PROBLEM: This Autolid had to work on batteries and have a life of 2 years in the field, also be able to deal with a harsh environment with great variations of temperatures and moisture.

SOLUTION: The Autolid has been designed and built to be cost effective using a micro processor with high level software to control its function with a large amount of redundancy to accommodate the varying environment and the different locations in which it had to operate. The units had to last more than three years to reduce maintenance cost making its long term viable product.

Educational projects.
PROBLEM: This range of products needs to be good value for money well constructed tested and individually packed.

SOLUTION: The majority of these projects are purchases by students so price was a major consideration. This has been achieved by having commonality of components across the range allowing bulk purchasing that allowed us to get price support. Special test equipment has been designed to individually test and verify each unit before packing in their own protective bags.

QUALITY ASSURANCE (ISO 9001: 2015)-(ISO 14001-2015)

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We are proud to say that AVIN has ISO 9001: 2015-14001-2015 certification. This is the principal internationally recognise standard for Quality Management Systems, with particular focus on customer feedback and the processes of management.

Having obtained this certification, AVIN can assure you, as a customer, of an efficient, effective and speedy outcome to your requirements.

We like to keep the process simple and bring a breath of fresh air into our business relationships so the experience our customers have of AVIN is simply the best.