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Avin Electronics

More than twenty years of successful business has put AVIN Electronics in the front line of PCB production.

Cutting-edge technology put to use at the highest level of expertise and innovation energises AVIN’s growth and potential, which has steadily increased to meet the accelerating challenges of today’s hi-tech world.

Our services also include PC based software development. This are targeted at custom solutions running under Unix, Windows or Linux and complement our extensive experience of micro-controller based designs.

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With the creative and technological core of AVIN’s activity is never allowed to be static. The accelerating challenges of technology today are a stimulus for vision and the future success of AVIN. We will keep you informed as to how AVIN can support you and our latest developments right here on our website.


AVIN Electronics can offer a full service for design of relatively complex systems involving any combination of hardware, embedded controllers and ‘front end’ software applications.

Services offered include:

  • Electronic Design and Proto-typing
  • Production Engineering
  • Software design and development
  • Mechanical, Electronic and Electrical Manufacture and Assembly
  • Feasability studies
  • Product Testing

Quality Statement…

Avin Electronics is an ISO9001 registered company. We have a proven track record in design and manufacture of electronic systems.

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